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Ivan Demidov's highlights (and stats) for January are incredible

Ivan Demidov's highlights (and stats) for January are incredible

There are some interesting names heading into the upcoming NHL Draft.

As my colleague Charles Alexis Brisebois pointed out earlier today in an article about Kayden Lindstrom, one of the bright hopes for the next generation, it matters to CH because the Montreal organization must (once again) have a good option.

I want to continue this trend by talking with you about January about Ivan Demidov, a player who plays in the Russian Junior League (MHL) and who also has a good chance of being quickly selected for next season. Draft.

What Demidov accomplished in January is worth sharing, because it is truly impressive.

Demidov played seven matches in the first month of 2024. In seven matches, he collected a total of nine goals and twelve assists.

They sound like statistics from a video game, and it's even more astonishing when you look at the highlights of his recent meetings:

You should know that the young team (SKA-1946 from St. Petersburg) faced average clubs in January…

But seeing as Demidov answered the call by being so dominant is still worth highlighting.

In the video above, we see him making great passes to his teammates using his vision of the game, scoring beautiful goals with his hands and precise shots…

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And his playing style really reminds me of Evgeni Malkin's style. Grant McCagg compared him to Alex Kovalev if the latter were a more complete and more consistent player.

Demidov has collected 45 points in 23 games since the start of his team's season and is undoubtedly the most dominant player in the Premier League.

He got a lot of points with a lot of recruits…

It is worth talking about because, according to Eric Engels, the Canadian would be interested in the player of Russian origin.

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-Monahan looks good.

– Hey! What great news!

-The sticks are ready!

– That would be perfect.