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Kate Middleton allows herself intolerable misconduct with William

Kate Middleton and the Prince William Rarely shows (overflowing) affection in public. Kissing passionately, walking hand in hand as part of their job, during official engagements? It’s not strictly forbidden, but let’s say royal protocol obliges them to Some restraint. And it suits them just like that, since they are a reserved type, even if, from time to time, they show their spontaneity and let go.

Kate and William rarely collide

This is what happened on Sunday evening, during the BAFTA Gala, which was held at the Royal Festival Hall. Upon her arrival on the red carpet, Kate (shining in her white Alexander McQueen dress and wearing long black gloves) was shown off by William. complicity.

Big smiles, whispers in the ear, looks that speak volumes… Then, all of a sudden, a stray hand: As she tries to hold her husband’s hand, Kate misses the boat and puts a tiny flick on property buttocks William. You bastards! He does not see, does not know, and hardly. This unprecedented gesture, caught on camera, in any case delighted the fans of the Prince and Princess of Wales. When others can’t help but think that if it was Meghan who did this to Harry…

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