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Kanye West gets a titanium smile

Kanye West gets a titanium smile

Kanye West has been fitted with titanium dentures giving him a silver smile.

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The rapper showed off his new clothes in an Instagram Story on Wednesday (January 17, 24), worth $850,000, “more expensive than diamonds.” Alongside a photo of his new teeth, he revealed a shot of the famous James Bond villain, Shark, who had similar dentures.

Screenshot of Instagram @kanyewest

The “teeth” were installed by Dr. Thomas Connelly in Beverly Hills. “It was a pleasure working with Yee every step of the way,” the dental expert told the Daily Mail. “His vision for designing a unique work of art goes beyond the evolution of teeth. Marrying his vision with dental science has created an epic new look!”

This job was done so well that some on social media thought that Kanye West had removed all his teeth to replace them with a shark smile! Therefore, the dentist explained to the complex: “He did not undergo the ablation procedure. He still has all his teeth. »

Kanye West has previously had diamond and gold implants in his mouth, and claimed to have them placed on the entire bottom row of his teeth. “I thought diamonds were cooler,” he told Ellen DeGeneres in 2010. “Those are my real teeth.” I think there are some things that rock stars are just supposed to do. »