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Juraj Slavkovsky is disqualified from the top 2

Juraj Slavkovsky is disqualified from the top 2

The draft is exactly *check my calendar* 22 days away. Until then, the latest rankings will be published and we will have a clearer idea of ​​what hopes the Canadian will achieve in the first round.

Today, Sportsnet released its final rankings.

Obviously, the top three remained the same: Shane Wright, Logan Cooley and Juraj Slavkowski. On the other hand, these top three positions have moved a bit. For a time, Slafkovsky was expected to be the best hope of many people. However, Sportsnet editor Sam Cosentino put the Slovak in third place, behind Colley (second) and Wright (first).

Interesting, because, as I said, Slavkovsky, according to many, will come first in the draft. The left-handed man knew the great Olympics and world championships.

The other rank that interests us is rank 26. This is the Canadian’s second round one pick in 2022, and he’s the Calgary fire pick. Cosentino ranked potential client Luca Del Bel Belluz, an OHL hub, in this position. My colleague Marc-Olivier Baudouin, He is also a big fan of that hope.

As for the top ten, it remains basically the same: Simon Nemec (fourth), David Jerichek (fifth), Mathieu Savoir (sixth), Cutter Gauthier (seventh), Marco Casper (eighth) and Joachim Kimmel (ninth). , and Jonathan. Likrimaki (X).

The unranked player in the first round who would be surprised not to see Olympics defender Tristan Lono there. QMJHL’s first overall pick was ranked late in the first round (25-32) in several rankingsAnd the But it is clearly not this.

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Another Gatineau defender, Noah Warren, ranked 32.

If Sportsnet had a magic ball and knew the first 32 picks, Montreal would draft Shane Wright and Luca Del Bellos in the first round. He might also be able to craft Tristan Luneau into number 33. Would you be happy with these choices?

Many of

Logan Mailo will meet with the media soon.

– What a season for him.

– Darcy Quimper in the starting grid.

Brayden Point plays tonight.

– Withdrawal of Penny Oleksiak.

– Quebec is in the top 6 of the NBA Draft.