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Yarishin announces (again) his resignation

Yarishin announces (again) his resignation

Yazid Arishin, president of the youth club Kabylie, announced in a press statement his resignation from the presidency of the Algerian club.

It is with great regret that I see myself compelled to resign from the presidency of JS Kabylie as of today, due to the recurring problems and obstructionism that have been exploited by certain hostile circles of JS. Said the first Ligue 1 coach.

Yazid Iration told JS supporters that the means made available to him by the club’s economic partners are: He called for the settlement of old debts of disastrous management. A barely veiled deal against the previous administration led by Sherif Mellal.

Then the resigned chief of JS Kabylie made a deeply disturbing revelation. Algeria’s most successful clubs may not participate in the Champions League next season due to major financial concerns.

This is not the first time that Yazid Yarishn has announced his resignation from the presidency of JS Kabylie. ” I am no longer the president of JS Kabylie He told the press last February after the Canary Islands’ defeat by MCA (0-1).

A few days later, the SSPA/JSK board of directors rejected the president’s resignation. It now remains to be seen if Yazid Irration will have to continue his adventure again.

A sad fate for a great Algerian club, which continued to combine a good sporting performance for several seasons, winning the League Cup in 2021 and losing the Confederation Cup final to Raja Sportive (2-1) in July 2021.