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Juraj Slavkovski says he sometimes got lost on the ice last season

Juraj Slavkovski says he sometimes got lost on the ice last season

Last season, many fans were very concerned about Juraj Slavkovski and his development.

He clearly did not play/perform to the expectations placed on the No. 1 overall pick, which disappointed and worried many Montreal fans.

The young Slovakian had difficulty asserting himself and gaining confidence on the ice, which prompted many analysts and fans to demand that he be sent to Laval to play with the Rockets for his development.

Ultimately, while this discussion was in full swing in Montreal, Slavkowski suffered an injury and missed the remainder of the 2022-2023 season.

Thus, he finished his season with ten points, including four goals, in 39 matches, a set of points that disappointed many people and caused them concern.

But it's not just Slavkovsky's production that's concerning, it's also his game.

He couldn't stand out, and worse, he looked lost on the ice.

Furthermore, Slavkovski himself mentioned in his recent blog that he was sometimes lost on the ice last season.

In fact, this is what we can read Excellent Jurage blog by Jean-François Chaumont, Who now works at the NHL website.

For the first time in this blog, Slavkovski spoke about his stay at his home in Kosice, Slovakia during the All-Star break, a stay that served him well.

Then, in the second half of the blog, the young Slovakian spoke frankly about the progress he has made in hockey.

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Well, he simply said what everyone in Montreal has been thinking for several weeks, which is that he has reached another level in his development, and that he now has a lot of confidence on the ice.

“Hockey-wise, I feel really good. I'm gaining confidence and putting my name on the scorecard more often.” – Juraj Slavkovski

CH No. 20 says he is very happy right now, finding himself on the right path, and hopes to become the best possible version of himself.

That's when he added that there was nothing comparable between his current season and his rookie season.

He said that in his freshman season, he would sometimes get lost on the ice, while this year, he has had a huge impact on the team's success and is helping his team greatly.

The game clearly slowed down for the young Slovakian, and he noticed it himself.

This is a good thing, because he now seems to have more time to execute his plays and make the right decision.

In short, Slavkovski's development is very encouraging at present, and we are far from the time when many wanted to see him sent to Laval.

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