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The Canadian was afraid to assign Martin St. Louis elsewhere

The Canadian was afraid to assign Martin St. Louis elsewhere

Kent Hughes was passing by To the podcast called “The Raw Knuckles” hosted by Chris Neilan. The over an hour and a half interview between the two men allowed us to learn many things, such as much about Hughes’ career as an agent and his (new) profession as general manager.

Just before continuing, I leave you the YouTube link of the podcast if you want to go and listen to it. I recommend it to you:

I jumped to an interesting point when Hughes talked about the process of hiring Martin St. Louis. It’s a d’abord confié that it’s been said that he avait proposé to Jeff Gorton of the embaucher en raison des connaissances hockey of St-Louis and qu’il voulait vraiment if he donner the chance of this fair value derrière le banc de l’ equipped.

However, Hughes said he practically insisted on signing the former NHL star player because according to him, if the Canadiens waited until the end of the year before offering him a job, another team would. We really wanted St. Louis to come to Montreal and we didn’t want to take a chance on “losing” him for absolutely nothing.

We know how close Hughes, Gorton and St. Louis are as they have rubbed shoulders on several levels in recent years. It should also be remembered that when Gorton was in New York, he offered Martin a job at the Rangers school club. He did not accept the latter at the time because he wanted to wait until his children left the family home. If he accepted a coaching job, he was supposed to lead an NHL team. Nothing less.

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So the interest in St. Louis has been around for a few years already. It is no coincidence that the Canadian (even before the appointment of Gorton and Hughes) was offered the position of assistant coach to Dominique Ducharme.

Hughes, speaking of his relationship with his peers (Gorton and St. Louis), said it was like they were living bachelor life For the time being, it was as if they were in the university. The fact that their wives are still in the US gives them “more freedom” and the boys regularly take advantage of this to go out to eat together.

It is clear that they get along well, and this makes the men’s job easier. By the way, it’s great to see that they’re having so much fun together.

I also picked up a few other points from Hughes’ transition to podcasting that I’d like to share with you. There they are, in a hurry.

1. Hughes is back Jeff Gorton’s comments about Kirby Dash He said practically the same thing as his colleague. The long-term plan still has him playing in the center, although he is now going well alongside Nick Suzuki and Cole Cofield.

2. Prior to the start of the season, Hughes sat down with Jonathan Drouin to talk about the year ahead. The general manager simply told him to have fun this year, for the sake of the player.

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3. The GM made a little joke talking about John Sedgwick, the guy who handles the payroll administration. Hughes nicknames him “Gray Sedgwick” because there is no straight answer with him. And he found himself funny saying that, hhey.

4. Speaking about his career as an agent, Hughes opened up about his contract negotiations with Patrice Bergeron, his client at the time. Hughes says the Bruins captain insisted on a pay cut so the Bruins could maneuver as they liked to improve the team. Tell me about a real leader!

We often say that since Chantal Machabe was appointed Vice President of Communications, but it’s great to see that CH leaders attach such importance to interviews like this one. Jeff Gorton in particular was on Tony Marinaro’s podcast earlier this week.

Above all, it allows us to know more about the players and helps the relationship with the fans.

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