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Trading Kaiden Guhle for Trevor Zegras and picking up Sam Dickinson?

Trading Kaiden Guhle for Trevor Zegras and picking up Sam Dickinson?

Maxime Lapierre is convinced the Anaheim Ducks put Kaiden Guhle on the table in negotiations to acquire Trevor Zegras.

According to Lapierre, it's clear and obvious that the Ducks want Guhle and no one else. For 'Lappy', sacrificing a young defensive player like Guhle for a selfish player like Zegras is not an acceptable option.

LaPierre seems completely indifferent to the fact that Zegras is Cole Caufield's best friend and that he could be influenced in the right way by the CH star.

LaPierre, who has already expressed his disapproval of Zegras' selfish diva attitude, refuses to concede the Canadian's future on the blue line by trading Guhle to him.

For him, team chemistry and developing young players are more important priorities than simply landing a stunning but heartless star.

An unexpected and controversial trend has begun to spread on the X social network: the idea of ​​selecting Sam Dickinson in the next draft.

Dickinson, a young hockey prodigy, is also considered a “defenseman” in the making, with potential beyond Guhle's according to the majority of analysts.

We must admit that this presents an attractive alternative to the possibility of losing Gohli to Zegras. In Dickinson we see a player who can not only fill the void left by Gohle, but will become superior to CH's defender, especially offensively, while also excelling defensively.

Sam Dickinson choosing to trade Guhle for Zegras may seem crazy at first glance. But the more we analyze this proposal, the more logical we find it to be.

One thing's for sure: You shouldn't invite LaPierre and Zegras to the same party. The former CH player hates the Ducks forward deep down…

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