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July 15th at FEQ: Quebecers steal the show at Parc de la Francophonie

July 15th at FEQ: Quebecers steal the show at Parc de la Francophonie

Three of the six groups were from Quebec, this evening, at the Parc de la Francophonie. Even if other bands put on interesting performances, ours was the most special.

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Fans were ready for the Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Draft.

Alexander Caputo

Retarded and proud of it

Snowmobile on stage and beer in hand, the Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project was like a band headlining in a francophone garden.

Thousands of hands raised to the sky while performing the formation Tse when all goes well. the address my blonde asked me It was also greatly appreciated by the audience, who danced and jumped to the beat of violins and guitars.

From one end of the performance to the other, the dynamic quartet shared the bottle of whiskey by lining up success after success, always taking care, between each song, to address the audience in the sweetest way.

“Quebec, are you thirsty?” The band’s performance sang Choo Ben Color Soo Brush.

It was the violinist Madeleine Bouchard who had the honor of revving up the engine of the snowmobile that was on stage. She complied, in a cloud of smoke, while Quebecers chanted “Donnes-y du throttle! Popularity followed Pantera arctic cat triple 800clearly a crowd favorite.

Judging by “Callis que, I stumble upon you!” For the band’s singer, the formation of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean was a very nice evening, as were its supporters.

Planet crusher

Montreal ska punk band The Planet Smashers elevated the party spirit at Parc de la Francophonie. The electric guitars of punk and the horns of ska, a genre defined as blues with Caribbean flavors, formed a great team in the life of the party And A lot of information.

The group, who admitted to having a distinct tendency to party and make bad decisions, remained quiet during their performances. However, make no mistake, this was not a show for the meek; Talk to fans Mesh digging And for those surfers over the crowd that kept them at arm’s length.

The Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project put on a great show tonight at the Parc de la Francophonie.

The Planet Smashers, originally from Montreal, were the best of the three ska punk bands to take the stage.

Alexander Caputo

Local ska punk was better

American bands Mustard Plug and Streetlight Manifesto spoke behind The Planet Smashers. Of the three line-ups that operate in ska punk, the Quebecers performed best.

Even if the fans in front of the stage seemed appreciative, a good portion of the audience took advantage of the Mustard Plug’s passage to go relieve themselves and drink. The basic part of this demo was flawless, but the song’s lyrics were a little less clear to understand.

The garden of the Francophonie was just beginning to empty when headliners, the Streetlight Manifesto, took the stage. However, they gave a high quality performance, which leaned more towards punk than ska.

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On a more positive note, those who have followed Mustard Plug since its debut in 1992 argue that the energy on stage is still the same after all these years.

From the regaudon that moves

The Carotté formation was the first to step onto the stage. The Quebec Group did well, offering a power drill at will. Banjos, violins and electric guitars combined to warm up the spectators who were already too many in the Francophonie Garden.

“You know it, Carrot it is Squad Party Kitchen Party”, Eric Roberge, the group’s lead singer, released to the crowd.

Carotté, who works in traditional Quebec music, went on to draw on La Bolduc’s repertoire, with the title street vendorAn ode to the agriculture of our province.

“Long live agriculture!” The band members shouted before leaving the stage.

The Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project put on a great show tonight at the Parc de la Francophonie.

Carotté gave a great Rigodon lesson to the crowd.

Alexander Caputo

Feminine punk

Manitoba duo Mobina Galore is definitely one to watch on the punk scene in the years to come. Those who had just returned from a series of concerts in Germany were making their FEQ debut.

What a wonderful festivalThey mentioned between two songs.

The two women had enough to make punk fans of the 2000s feel nostalgic by offering a style comparable to that of Blink-182 or that of Sum 41. Throughout their performance, they managed to juxtapose the instrumentals with the melodic side that identified with the greats of this genre. musical style.

The group had a favorite place in the video game musical framework Tony Hawk Pro Skater.