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A camera full of missing photos from 13 years ago has been miraculously found

A camera found in the water after 13 years of being lost has brought joy to Colorado while the images it contained miraculously survived winds and tides.

Wedding photos, bachelorette parties, vacation memories, everyday videos: This capsule allowed old camera owner Coral Amai to relive her memories of a decade ago, as reported by the BBC.

Walking along the river, an amateur fisherman began to collect waste, which had begun to break through the melted spring snows, to put in his bag.

“I saw the camera halfway out of the mud. It was clear it had been there for a long time. When I got home, I immediately looked to see if there was anything,” Spencer Greiner said, in a BBC interview, with a laugh.

To his surprise, a large number of photos and videos were recovered from the intact SD card, so the man began to search for the owner of the camera on social networks.

Did you get married on June 12, 2010 in the Durango area? Did you have an ugly station wagon limo at your bachelorette party? Do you recognize the people in these photos? Participate in different local groups.

The bride’s friend, Coral Amai, immediately contacted the fisherman for the photos. She explains that she lost her waterproof camera while she was drowning in the river.

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“It’s really cool to see these photos open up memories I haven’t thought about in a long time. A friend and her baby [qui se trouvaient sur les photos] We haven’t talked much lately, so it gave me a good reason to call her.”