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‘JMP Event’ on Just for Laughs: Here’s What We Thought of the Over Three Hour Show by Jean-Marc Parent

‘JMP Event’ on Just for Laughs: Here’s What We Thought of the Over Three Hour Show by Jean-Marc Parent

Beloved narrator to many Quebecers, Jean-Marc Barnet, has done it again with a river show that lasted over three hours in the 12th edition of “JMP Event.”

From the start, the 61-year-old comedian has come to the stage as if in his slippers (or “much-discussed gogounes)” so he’s comfortable. The master TeamworkHe wasted no time and teamed up with his fans, who wasted no time throwing the ball at him.

On his show, he complains about his sores, and his illness, which he suffers to the delight of the crowd. And with good reason, who could tell about his dodgy itch and his impromptu visit to his doctor’s house after midnight?

Jean-Marc Parent, Mario Beauregard / QMI AGENCY

Mario Beauregard/QMI Agency

Here again, the audience is invited to participate fully. However, his multiple interventions with people in the front rows had the effect of breaking the rhythm because, from the back of the room, we could not hear their interventions badly.

What could have been a sweet rehearsal with singer Nadia has caused some upset. The comedian was buzzing all the time with the names of the songs that the compiler didn’t know. If you do Jolene Later that evening, Dolly Parton had a run-in with Midnight Christian – you registered with it – or stunned from AC/DC.

Humorist Eddie King, who was also invited, came in to present an instrumental number in which he had the issue of being in Celebrity Big Brother : “I was alone with 15 white people… I heard a lot… white conversations!” The crowd gave him a standing ovation, and he deserved it.

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lower speed

When Jean-Marc Barnet returned to the stage, we felt a slight dip in energy in the delivery. Which is no doubt why he takes up the highlight of the show: his famous expedition during floods in Florida last April.

If this adventure known through an interview in register And distributed on social networks, the number has promoted all comics. Let’s remember the anecdote. The vagaries of the weather meant that he found himself at Fort Lauderdale airport with his large Jeep Wagner (the dealer who had “lent” him the car that was attending the show) which he had to abandon due to heavy flooding. An instant classic.

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Coming to 10 p.m., the show could have ended on a high note with this story. It’s a misunderstanding of the comedian.

A very long hour

Then the clock started a lot. Every time Jean-Marc Barnet was a little worried that the evening was getting too long, he would test the audience to see what they wanted. Of course, every time, he would ask for the show to go on.

Then some members of the comedian’s cast had their moment of glory. The comedian, in turn, challenged them to sing something. As if the seasoned narrator no longer knows how to finish his presentation.

Jean-Marc Parent performed a river show on Saturday at La Place des Arts in Montreal.

Jean Marc Parent

Mario Beauregard/QMI Agency

In the end, he settled for a vague thank you to his loyal fans. Half the audience danced to the DJ’s beats while the other half rushed outside. Momentum also left the scene.

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In short, Jean-Marc Parent pleased his fans by letting them have a great evening, but he would have served them better by stopping the JMP machine a little earlier.

♦ Jean-Marc Parent provides another representation of JMP event Sundays at 8pm at the Place des Arts in Montreal.

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