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New truck drivers look for love in the second season of “Cœur de Trucker”

New truck drivers look for love in the second season of “Cœur de Trucker”

Based on the successful first season, the romantic reality show Truck driver's heart It will return this spring, starting Thursday, April 4 on Unis TV, for an anticipated second season. PA Methot happily returns to his role as host, as he helps a truck driver and three single truck drivers meet people who aren't afraid of long-distance love.

Truck driver's heartmy producer Love is in the meadow, It offers four people the opportunity to live an authentic human experience, which is to meet people who are willing to share their atypical daily lives. Inspired by their professional reality, these road meetings are held here. The first season allowed us to find out more about the changing daily lives of truck drivers who travel our roadsAnd the second season will be no exception. It's Sonya, Beric, Jeremy and Samuel's turn to open their hearts – and their truck door – to their suitors.

Sonia“, 50 years old, from Chicoutimi,” In love with his truck “, she said so well from the beginning. We can already feel all the passion of the person who is striving.” The handsome prince », after several years of celibacy. With her irresistible candor, Sonia is sure to make you smile in her quest to find that spark of love.

Perique, 33, from Repentigny, works as a mechanic every two weeks and a long-distance truck driver the other week. Eager for travel and new encounters, he immediately appears likeable and family-oriented Beloved boyWhile trying to find the rare pearl, someone comes from… Curious, loves to explore and live “.

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from his side, Jeremy, 23, from Drummondville, will entertain you from his first appearance with his trademark sense of humor. ” I'm kind of a fun guy “, explains the self-proclaimed romantic who hopes to find love with a determined, energetic and hardworking woman. His family hopes he will calm down a little.

finally, Samuel, 21, from Saint-Brigitte-de-Laval, has been working as a truck driver for three years. He hopes to become a businessman and develop his fleet of vehicles to earn a living from his great passion. ” The road is like a vacation », he announces in his presentation, before adding amusedly: « I'm able to put my truck down to have a good time with a girl » While he wants to find his first companion to continue his journey. “ I really want to get something serious », explains frankly this big country fan.

Discover the candidate's introductory videos here Their photos are at the bottom of the article.

Under PA Méthot's affectionate gaze, which will quickly comfort them, these candidates will show that they are ready to commit and live an extraordinary experience in order to find love. The emotions will be there!

Check out the trailer for this second season below.

Unexpected encounters, twisted atoms, heartbreaking choices, and disappointments: this is the second season of the series Truck driver's heart He has everything to entertain and wow reality TV fans this spring!

Not to be missed, starting Thursday 4 April on Unis TV!

Episodes will also be available after the TV broadcast TV5Unis.

We take this opportunity to announce some good news about the show: Season 3 has been confirmed! Moreover, registrations are already open for truck drivers who want to participate in the new season:

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