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It is said that Shane Wright fell into the draft due to bad posture

Jeff Gorton doesn’t think he was aiming at Canadians

Exactly two weeks ago, many Quebecers expected to see CH Project Shane Wright take first place in the replay. After all, although Juraj Slafkovsky and Logan Cooley were also two choices, Wright was the popular choice, and he obviously also wanted to be the first choice in the draft.

In the end, the Canadians drafted Slafkovsky first overall while Wright was the fourth player selected, with Kraken adding him to their organization.

When Wright was selected, he was seen shaking Gary Bateman’s hand on stage before seeing him glow in someone. At least in appearance.

Although many people maintain that Wright stared at CH’s table, one person was present who didn’t think that was the case: Jeff Gorton. Here’s what he told the Bob McCown Podcast and discovered by our colleagues at Montreal Hockey Now.

Gorton claims that Wright is very good Baby And he doesn’t feel like he wants to criticize CH’s table with his looks. Having said that, if this has happened before, Gorton notes that he has no problem with it. However, even though he was present and watched the video afterwards, he still felt that this was Wright’s intention.

However, CH’s vice president of hockey operations noted that he was amused by some of the jokes made regarding the matter on social networks, particularly those with Wright’s appearance. The picture in which Martin St. Louis finishes his bag of chips.

Did Wright really want to stare at CH on drag night? In fact, we may never have TRUE The answer to this question. I still like Gorton’s response, who would rather calm things down than pour oil on the fire.

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I have no doubt that Wright would want to make CH regret ignoring him. After all, if Brady Tkachuk still blames CH for not picking him third when he wasn’t even planning on coming out at that rank, imagine Wright.

However, the Canadian seems quite calm in his decision, and I think the fans should be too. And instead of “planting” Wright (whom I wish a very good career for), why not just encourage Slavkowski (whom I wish a better life, obviously) stronger? Less negativity, more positivity, okay?

Many of

Personally, I would be surprised if one of the six defenders of the team on October 13th is not currently a member of the organization.

– Beautiful Movement.

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– Already.

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