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Shane Wright packs up his new teammates

Shane Wright packs up his new teammates

Like team executives, some Seattle Kraken players were pleasantly surprised to see Shane Wright drop to fourth in the most recent National Hockey League draft.

“I’m really happy the club was able to get him,” veteran defender Jimmy Oleksiak said of Wright in an interview published on the NHL’s website. I think he is a very talented player.”

Wright has long been considered the first logical choice for the annual auction, which belongs to the Montreal Canadiens (CH). However, CH picked Slovakian striker Juraj Slafkovsky, then New Jersey Devils and Arizona Coyotes followed by picking defender Simon Nemec and striker Logan Cooley respectively.

“a wonderful city”

While considering Wright’s addition, Oleksiak considers Kraken’s overall picture to believe the club could be in contention for an accessory berth early in the 2022-23 season.

Said the 29-point defender, who scored 17 points 72 games for the Kraken during the last campaign.

“It’s a great city,” Oleksiak said of Seattle. When you see the atmosphere during the matches, you can only imagine what it will be like in the playoffs. The fans are unbelievable.”

  • In his first season, Kraken finished at the age of 30e Overall standings among 32 teams with a 27-49-6 record.
  • In addition to Shane Wright, the upcoming arrival of forward Matty Penners, who was named second place in the 2021 draft, is particularly encouraging for Seattle fans.

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