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Jean-Charles Lajoie is directed by TVA Sports’ Danny Doby

Jean-Charles Lajoie is directed by TVA Sports’ Danny Doby

– Ouch…

– Danny Doby makes us understand…

– Why did he leave TVA Sports upon his arrival.

– Co-host of a show with Renaud Lavoie from 2016 to 2019, Dubé closed the door on TVA Sports because he did not accept that his show would be cut from The Jean-Charles Lajoie Show.

Since Dobby left…

– The station sank further.

— as if Dobby gave credibility not only to Lavoy, but to the entire series.

Since Dubé’s departure, even the TVA Sports movement has slipped into the red.

The value of TVA Group shares today is five times less than when TVA Sports was launched. Well, not everything is attributed to the sports channel’s losses. But when a niche channel loses 10, 20, 30, even 39 million a year for a decade, the hole is deep. (Journalism)

– It is clear that not everything is connected with the departure of Dobby … and the arrival of Lagoi …

– But say that chance does not lie.

– TVA Sports thought Jean-Charles Lajoie’s show would save them…

– It was just the opposite.

– Renaud Lavoie needed a teacher to perform.

– On RDS, SCOOPS was given to him by Pierre Le Bruin out of kindness, to lend credibility to its French sister station…

At TVA, Danny Dobie mentored him with his sports knowledge.

– When Reno found himself alone on TVA Sports, the channel went down…

– Hard to shine in a flooded station.

In the end, Danny Doby made the best decision of his career.

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– which has not been tarnished before.

People have forgotten that he worked for TVA Sports.

– He jumped off the Titanic… before it hit the iceberg…