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Cuckold Feeling At A Hockey Game In Vegas

Young women bare their chests in a bay window to charm the opposing team, the home announcer screams for 30 seconds for a numerical advantage, and the music is so loud we can hardly hear each other speak. I’m not used to hockey in Vegas yet.

I went there for the second time in two years last week, against the flames.

It was full, and the crowd was raving. The reasonable ticket was $300 CAD. This time I tried the Hyde Lounge, which is almost a rooftop section with a bar. My partner and I got the best seats and we couldn’t see half of the ice because it was made that way. But it was still crowded. And it seemed as if I was the only one who rebelled.

Maybe I’m too conservative. And I am definitely a frustrated Quebec, jealous of Vegas. Especially since it works, their business. But it’s a slap in the face when I go there.

The team’s fans, dressed in a uniform consisting of feathers, sequins, and a bra, dance behind the opposite net during the warm-up period.


I was speaking with a former St. Louis resident who now has Golden Knights season tickets. More purely, it was also tight when I jumped every time the announcer yelled at us that there was a penalty for the other team.

“This means that the Golden Knights have a numerical advantage.” It lasted 30 seconds.

He said to me, laughing at this circus: “Do you think there is a power play?”

The last minute of each period is nurtured and we jump in surprise when the ad starts screaming to tell us.

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And what about the party with the knight who skates with the plastic sword before every match? I don’t understand. It may have been original a few years ago. But here, it’s nonsense. And very bad. But everyone loved it. Only I moan again.

I left with another and she works

I’ve done a lot of NHL arenas. I don’t claim to know the ambiance as well as my colleagues assigned to cover the NHL, but I haven’t seen anything that compares yet. As if the match was secondary. Yes, it’s crazy when they score, but let’s say the reaction is less immediate than when CH is calculated at the Bell Center.

As a hockey lover and young Quebecer, I see that and feel sinking.

We thought we had what it takes, and someone richer came to replace us, our flame. We thought we could make a great story like this, and the new one has delivered with its gold and its promises. And besides, it works and no one can really question the fact that our team wasn’t selected.

As Jerry Pollitt says: Aoi, you hurt me.