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Jealous, he gives her estrogen without her knowledge to steal her fiancé

Jealous, he gives her estrogen without her knowledge to steal her fiancé

A music group is experiencing its moment of glory on social networks after announcing the expulsion of its singer, who allegedly gave estrogen to another member of the group in order to steal his fiancée.

Punk group Llorona shared a status on its Instagram page on Sunday, alleging that its lead singer “Diego” attempted to “force a transition” on his bandmate by giving him pre-workout supplements tainted with estrogen (female).

“He was trying to force a transition on her [de genre] “For five months, hoping for a chance to ‘impress his fiancée’ just by looking stronger and more manly in comparison,” the group claimed in their Instagram post, describing the mentality as “stupid caveman.”

The group's Instagram page has since been deleted.

The victim says she underwent physical changes in addition to suffering from stomach ulcers, weight loss, muscle fatigue and mental disturbances during the long months of poisoning. He is now seeing an endocrinologist – who specializes in hormones and glands – to monitor his high estrogen levels and restore balance to his body.

Diego allegedly gave containers of dried pre-workout supplements to his love rival Sixx, which he got for free at his job, because the bucket was damaged. The group suspects he had easy access to estrogen, because he frequents the bodybuilding world where hormonal steroid use is common.

Another post from the group, now removed from social media, allegedly shared text exchanges between group members, in which Diego admitted to his misdeeds and that he did it because he was reportedly obsessed with Sixx's fiancée. To the New York Post.

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Llorona's unusual adventure attracted several thousand netizens to their platform, and has spread on social networks since the announcement of the expulsion of her singer on Sunday.