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Viewers have this to criticize Martin Picard on MasterChef Quebec

Viewers have this to criticize Martin Picard on MasterChef Quebec

Even if Quebec's governors are much less harsh than their counterparts in other countries, viewers will still find something to rebuke Martin Picard with.

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The comment is coming more and more frequently, especially with this week's episode just starting, from the audience who think the owner of the pig's foot is not only being too cruel, but being particularly mean to one of the participants.

Indeed, since the episode of Monday, February 26, netizens have found the judge to be particularly intransigent regarding… Eve.

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Also on Monday's episode, the Drummondville native cooked breaded chicken balls, a dish that Martin Pickard deemed “too simple” and lacking in “elegance.”

However, some lament that not only does Martin not care much about Eve's case, but also that given the other dishes presented in the episode, his comments are overblown. Many of them mentioned, for example, candidates who simply cooked pasta.

Below are some of the comments collected on the presentation page:

“Always Eve, seriously leave the Calvinics.”

“Oof Martin, too harsh for Eve's plate… It's the most complex one served yet…”

“Eve in the Elimination Challenge again? His dish looked so much better than all the pasta dishes.

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“Martin is very cruel. I find he is never happy…”

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Will Eve, who is no stranger to elimination challenges, have to ditch his apron? Remember, these two candidates will have to leave the kitchen at the end of the week.

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