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“Get Me Out of Here” Season 2: Picking campers, the containers are on their way

Ten camp for the second season of Get me out of here! It has already been selected for filming which will begin at the end of June in a country other than Costa Rica.

The producer and co-host of the reality show, Jean-Philippe Dion, confirmed this to QMI on Monday, the day after the grand finale of the coronation of Andrienne A. Mallet, Queen of the Jungle.

“Everyone has tried hiring. More than satisfied with the results of the first issue, Jean-Philippe said, “Surprisingly, we got a lot of calls from people who wanted to do a second season. We have a lot of horizons from completely different characters.” “It is beyond our expectations!” He said of a confirmed average of 1.6 million viewers watching each episode, according to Numeris figures as of April 30.

The Productions Déferlantes team must start from a “blank slate”, as Get me out of here! Destination change for the second season.

Big winner of the first season of

Joel LeMay/QMI Agency

The big winner of the first season of “Get Me Out of Here!” , Andrienne A. Mallet, with co-presenter and reality TV producer Jean-Philippe Dion, on the roof of the TVA edition in Montreal, Monday, May 15th.

“We’re going to a place where they’ve never had a shot. We’ll have a big wasteland where we’ll have to build our 13 big pallets to meet the challenges. Containers that have been left on a ship for over a month, and in a couple of weeks people are leaving to put it all together.”

Solidarity, mutual assistance and charity are the values ​​that Get me out of here! Poses, plus courage and flexibility. “There is a greater layer of humanity in Quebec, I find. As a producer, it’s kind of me Displays I feel like doing. I need to give that depth to the programs I do, to feel that it’s not just entertainment, that there’s something wholesome when people talk about each other. Jean Philippe said.

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There is also the humorous dimension that makes all the difference Get me out of here!. We immediately think of Nathalie Simard, who was so funny and rediscovered by Quebecers.

As for the elimination challenges, they were also fun to give everyone the same chance to succeed.

  • Listen to the interview with Andréanne A. Mallette, winner of the Get me out of here In The Sophie Durocher Show via QUB Radio :


Jean-Philippe laughs, noting that he was “traumatized every minute” during his experience in the jungle. “I don’t get thrown off easily, but what campers had to do as challenges, that was exactly the hard field for me. I refuse, so what they had to eat…the sports, the physical, the height challenges. It was the accumulation of all my fears that The camp had to face him!”

waiting for renewal voice Based on true nature

Jean-Philippe Dion, whose company, Productions Déferlantes, also produces Sweety salty (starting May 22nd) and Masked singers (Filming for Season 3 begins Thursday), it’s still waiting for its show to be renewed true nature For the sixth season and, above all, for the tenth season of voice. “It’s too late” for an answer from TVA, he admitted, especially since coaches have to free up their schedule for tapings and live broadcasts, and those with different shows and projects.