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“It’s Just Goodbye” – Louis Jean

Après plus de 10 années à l’animation des rendez-vous de hockey et à la presentation of more grandes entrevues, the animator Louis Jean s’est entendu avec TVA Sports à l’effet qu’il quittera the chaîne à la fin du March.

After programming changes announced last December that allowed the channel to broadcast more live sports, the schedule realignment has forced reallocations to better reflect new needs within the production teams. In this context and after a discussion about his next assignment, the host says that in recent weeks he has begun to think about the next steps in his career.

“I would like to thank TVA Sports for this state that has fascinated me for a decade and that has been such an important and enriching experience in my life. Now is the time to start a new chapter that has not yet been defined,” said Louis Jean to viewers, athletes, coaches, sports stakeholders and colleagues with whom I have developed a strong relationship. , I say this is just farewell.

“Lewis has quickly emerged in his role as host of Saturday night CH games, NHL special events and key interviews with the biggest names in the league. Although our paths have diverged, I thank him for his great contribution to TVA Sports and wish him well in his future ventures,” added Lewis. Philip Neveu, General Manager, TVA Sports.

Quebec hockey fans spot Louis Jean during the broadcasts of numerous NHL games and special events as well as during the Montreal Canadiens’ traditional Saturday night meetings. He was also at the helm of Le Premier’s daily trio, and gave key interviews on the show in the pocket Podcast hosted Time out.