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Antoine Moussa breaks the world record for most trees planted in 24 hours |  Eastern Quebec |  news |  the sun

Antoine Moussa breaks the world record for most trees planted in 24 hours | Eastern Quebec | news | the sun

However, Guinness provided details on the terms of the free “in-house” solution, i.e. the number of people required to supervise the record, and how to proceed.

“I had two witnesses with me at all times, and one person per box of 420 trees. On all witness changes, a written follow-up was made on tree count. There were eight people in total who accompanied me, including a first aid paramedic, my boss and foreman, to make sure How to manage the land, where to put the tree trunks, the witnesses, who turned out to be shifts. Every three hours, “explains Antoine Moussa.

The record is not yet official, according to Guinness, but the farmer believes approval could come a few days after the proof his employer, a blue-collar, sent to his friend. Another farmer tried to beat Kenny Chaplin’s record on the same day, not far from the court where Antoine Moussa was playing. He couldn’t keep up with the young Gaspian who planted a tree every 3.75 seconds.

“It helped motivate me, but we didn’t see each other all day,” he says.

His motivation was particularly motivated by a desire to donate as much money as possible to a fund in honor of Isabel Bresson, the forest worker who died in the summer of 2020, after being crushed under a large tree during a storm. She was part of the group in which Antoine Moussa worked. He’ll pay the roughly $3,000, the amount tied to his record, at 13 cents a tree, his usual wages.

“The goal is to award the scholarship in honor of Isabel in the amount of $50,000. We were 68.2% of the target before enrollment. Blue Collar will make a significant contribution and another forestry company, Tolko, will also make a significant contribution. With these two contributions, the $50,000 goal will be exceeded,” he said. Antoine Moussa says:

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The scholarship will be awarded to a civil engineering student studying at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario. This student will be distinguished by his academic results, but also by financial need.

Evoking the undoubted memory of Isabel Bresson inspires her quest for Gaspésien, a regular occurrence in endurance events.

“It was the longest ordeal of my entire life. There was never a time I didn’t smile, as I had UnderWhere did I say thank you? helpers. I have always been positive. There was no negativity related to this ordeal. It was the reason why Isabel passed the test.”