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“It scares me”: Nathalie Simard suffers from scams that steal her image and voice

“It scares me”: Nathalie Simard suffers from scams that steal her image and voice

In the face of virtual impostors who are taking her image and even her voice, Nathalie Simard warns her fans to be careful. “I’ve never used these products to lose weight, and miracle pills don’t exist,” says the angry and scared singer.

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For three years, Nathalie Simard has been fighting scammers who steal her image (in photos and videos) to sell her “alleged slimming” capsules to netizens.

The 54-year-old artist has tried it all: media trips, TV interviews, posts and videos on his social media. When she and her team manage to shut down a fake account, another appears as if by magic and everything has to start over.

Facebook photos Nathalie Simard

Stealing his image and voice

Last Saturday, the singer released a lengthy video (which has been played nearly 7,000 times and has 4,300 likes so far) expressing her exasperation. She urged the public to be vigilant online.

Because now, in addition to his face, scammers use his voice with the help of artificial intelligence; False advertisements are thus taking on an increasingly annoying aspect. This was also the case recently with host Anne-Marie Dussault, whose image and voice were manipulated to boast of “lottery games that would make people millionaires”.

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“with Get me out of hereThings got out of control, Nathalie Simard explains Newspaper. Scammers are using my identity to defraud people. I find this unacceptable and dangerous, and now with AI they use my voice! It scares me, I find it unsettling, and it can have serious repercussions.”

Every week, despite his warnings, dozens of people write to him after several hundred dollars were stolen by these hard-to-trace criminals.

The finalist who (re)conquered the hearts of Quebecers by participating in the first season of the show Get me out of here She would like to remind the audience that she lost a lot of weight four years ago after bariatric surgery and that she has never used so-called slimming products.

Raise public awareness

Nathalie Simard reported the whole matter to the police. She was advised to file a complaint with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, which she is about to do.

“The authorities are unable to do anything to help us, even if it is criminal. I can understand that there are more important files. But the only way we have is to notify residents as much as possible and share videos like mine to raise awareness,” said the singer, who will be releasing her album. “. my christmas Next October, in her magazine Simply good with Natalie.

I’m not telling you how much time I lost because of the love and sympathy for my fans! I can no longer tell them that they have been exposed to it. It hurts me for my audience that I love, and it does for all the artists who are likely to experience it more and more, such as Michel Charette, Isabelle Huot and Yves-Marie Lortie.

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Comedian Kathryn Levack and singer Ariane Moffat also faced the same ordeal online, condemning it.

A clip from the next episode of the investigative program I This scourge of online scammers who impersonate people known to sell “slimming” products will be dedicated to you.