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Is Pierre Dorion doing something else?  Matthew Joseph Wettel

Is Pierre Dorion doing something else? Matthew Joseph Wettel

Several seasons later after their club embarked on a near-total rebuilding, Ottawa Senators fans had something to eat. It seems the dark years are over at the Canadian Tire Center, with a new workforce offering something to admire.

On top of that, it’s not just Ottawa fans who get carried away. Just talk to activated members the meaning To make the same note. Matthew Joseph has only been in the nation’s capital since March, when the Tampa Bay Lightning team replaced him with Nick Paul, but he’s already rushing to share the rink with Alex Deberenkat, Claude Giroud, and even Cam Talbot.

Watch the interview with Matthew Joseph in the video above.

“These are three very good hockey players and not just good players… I think they are good people too,” rejoiced the sympathetic forward, who met Tuesday during the third division play-off match against 3 Living Sisso, in Mont. Royal.

Has general manager Pierre Dorion finished shopping a month before the bootcamp? The question arises, because the Laval skater formulated a strange hypothesis when commenting on GM’s work during the off-season.

“Three big acquisitions and I think we might do another one…we’ll see.”

DeBernicat deserves a successor to Heatley?

With DeBrincat, acquired from the Chicago Blackhawks in an uproar the day the draft opened in Montreal, the senators secured a double by scoring 41 goals.

To give you an idea of ​​the scale of this addition, such a performance has not been seen in Ottawa since the 2007-08 season. It was the work of the illustrious Danny Heatley, who then beat the then captain, Daniel Alfredson, by one goal.

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“DeBrincat, I can’t wait to see what he can do…but we all know what he can do! I can’t wait to see him on the ice and do it with him.

“I’m really excited about our new acquisitions.”

At Claude Giroud, Dorion hired a French captain-Antari with more than 1,000 games under tie and he wanted to play in his hometown.

“They are fast and talented players,” warns Joseph, who has collected 12 points in 11 games with his new team. Talbot too. He is a veteran presence in our squad. We have a young team with young strikers.

time with his brother

Image credit: Louis-André Larivière/TVA Sports

Over the past few weeks, the former St. John C. Dogs has been able to spend time with his family and, before even thinking about joining his new teammates, has been by his side during the break. He was able to play with his brother, defender Pierre-Olivier Joseph, as part of Living Sisou’s summer season.

Joseph is united into the Accent Assurance team clan. Both scored twice in the third-place match (Mathew had five points, including two assists in his brother’s successes).

“I’ve played in this league for two years. It’s probably the best three against three in Montreal. It’s also fun to play on a little ice. I really enjoyed it, then play with my brother all summer.

“It’s competitive. Guys give themselves up. It’s good pre-camp training.

Joseph and the Senators will be in Montreal on October 4 for pre-season duels.