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Sean Farrell lookalike: Johnny Goudreau

This is the bombshell that Bob Hartley just dropped on BPM Sports during his interview with Martin Lemay. Sean Farrell will mimic Johnny Godrow, according to the three sources in the AUC field for the former coach of the Calgary Flames, Atlanta Thrashers and Colorado Avalanche.

“I made a few calls and the player Sean Farrell being compared to is Johnny Goudreau.” – Bob Hartley

Not a small one at all, if you’ll excuse me!

Unfortunately, since I haven’t seen him play, I can’t tell you whether or not I agree with the comparison. On this point, I’m on the same level as Bob Hartley who frankly admitted he didn’t see him play either. Bob and I, same thing! 😉

However, I have a problem with this kind of comparison because I find it too “easy” to make. A talented little striker, you are sure to be compared to Gaudreau. Before, it was in Martin St-Louis if you remember correctly. But there aren’t dozens of Gaudreaus and St-Louis.

Same for all the top positions that are good defensively, inevitably someone somewhere will come up with the name Patrice Bergeron. Shane Wright was compared in the final draft to Bergeron. Even Nick Suzuki gets that treatment sometimes. However, I don’t see much of a resemblance except for wanting to play defensively, specifically. For Gaudreau and St-Louis, there aren’t tons of Patrice Bergeron in the NHL. There is one and that’s it.

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Above all, I find comparison to be a slippery slope that amateurs’ feet weigh down. In his senior season, Gaudreau scored 64 points in 80 games in Calgary. Nick Suzuki has never hit that mark yet (should pass 4H season) and is the club’s best striker. Gaudreau is also 3 seasons with more than 80 points, including one of 115 points. That’s a lot of points and it seems unfair to me to put that kind of pressure on a kid who hasn’t played a single game in the NHL yet.

I can’t wait to see a fake Johnny Hawkeye. Me, I can’t wait to see Sean Farrell play and discover his story, Canadian Hope and former Pick 4H circular. No more, no less.

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