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In the United States, Google can now use AI to summarize articles

In the United States, Google can now use AI to summarize articles

Google continues to sell AI in all sauces to announce A new experiment aimed at integrating large web pages. A new button brings up a list of key points covered in an article, with links that lead directly to different key aspects of a page.

Innovation in action. Image: Google.

Below the list, the “Explore this page” category will list the various questions answered by the analyzed text. The relevant part of the article can be accessed with a single click. Google clearly states that innovation is for free articles and should not be diverted. Paying walls Different publishing platforms: To prevent this activity, publishers can specify in the Google Help Center whether their content is free or paid.

This innovation is part of a suite of AI-assisted search functions called “SGE while browsing”, currently reserved for the US and English. It can be found in ” Search labs From Google, Laboratory of Experimental Operations Related to Artificial Intelligence. It now works on Chrome for Android and iOS and is coming “ In the coming days » In the computer version. A beta period is required, and Google will gather feedback from publishers and users to improve everything over time.

New tips from Google.

Mountain View is using the announcement to release two other new features related to artificial intelligence. The new Google AI-generated answers (above search) now include tooltips that define some complex terms. The lines of code displayed by the search engine are entitled to a fresh, clear layout. Unfortunately, all of this is currently limited to Search Labs, and therefore to US users.