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He wants to walk across Australia in 38 days for a good cause

He wants to walk across Australia in 38 days for a good cause

Exactly 3,865 km. This is the distance between Sydney and Perth, two cities located at the eastern and western ends of Australia. This is also the distance that Serge Georgelin is preparing to cover by foot during the next Trans-Australia race, scheduled for September 10. Serge explains, to break the world record currently held by a Frenchman. So his journey should be completed within 38 days. Two walkers have already attempted to break this record.

Serge has been preparing his body since July 2021 to pass this test. All he has to say is that he wants to outdo himself. Because beyond the sporting challenge, you have to face impressive temperature variations, sometimes from 0 to 35 degrees in a single day. So you need to stay well hydrated. At an average temperature of 50 degrees, at least 10 liters of water should be consumed per day. In terms of logistics, he would need more than 10 pairs of shoes to complete his journey. Serge Georglin walks 100 km or 12 to 17 hours a day.

His journey can be followed daily on social networks. The launch is scheduled for September, International Childhood Cancer Month. Because Serge did this challenge just for the beauty of the game and didn’t break the record. He decided to combine his achievement in the fight against Hugo and his parents. Hugo has been fighting cancer since birth. The boy, who is currently in remission, will join Serge in Australia along with his parents at the end of his studies. The race will thus raise funds Hugo’s Parents Association Support children and their loved ones with cancer.

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