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In Australia, unity in work to accommodate and support stranded Caledonians in Sydney

In Australia, unity in work to accommodate and support stranded Caledonians in Sydney

With Nouméa airport closed to commercial flights, many Caledonians are stranded in neighboring Australia. However, they can count on unity being arranged to accommodate them.


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Noumea Airport closed due to riots in New Caledonia.  (Delphine Meyer/AFP)

An emergency law was enacted New Caledonia, the suspension of all commercial flights to and from Nouméa deprives many Caledonians of the opportunity to return home. Many hundreds of them, in the great neighboring country of Australia, are left wondering when they will finally be able to return to Le Caillou. A stressful situation, financially difficult but they are not completely helpless to face. In some cases, they can count on the support of Caledonians living in Australia, who have shown a great surge of solidarity since the start of the crisis.

Having lived in Australia for more than 30 years, Mary Guittard didn't hesitate for a second when she decided to move furniture into her home to accommodate New Caledonian friends stuck in Sydney. “I prefer to remain anonymous because the messages I receive are not great”His friend testifies, so we'll call him Gaiden. “I have my kids and my businesses thereHe explains to justify his caution. I was in Sydney traffic and stuck here like hundreds of others. Our situation is undoubtedly less dramatic than that of the Caledonians, but it can be difficult for some.He assures.

Many face unexpected expenses, others run out of medication or don't speak English. However, they could count on the support of the Caledonian community in Australia, which, like Mary, did not hesitate to accommodate them or assist them in their endeavours. Audrey manages the Caledonians in Australia group on Facebook and has never received so many messages. “I have to admit I'm a little overwhelmed by the volume of requests, but I wasn't expecting it.”, she believes. Audrey also took a day to devote herself fully to this task. As a way, to overcome the feeling of helplessness.

“We're all powerless witnesses, we're all a little bit on edge. We're following very closely what's happening with the family in New Caledonia. It's something we can do.”

Audrey is the administrator of the Caledonians in Australia Facebook group

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The same energy animates Mary, who has not slept since the riot began. “Three sleepless nights now. It's very complicated, we want to find peace again, because our Kailua is still very precious, it's the closest island to heaven, unfortunately today, we live like hell.”

Australia is a purgatory that will last long for Caledonians who cannot return home. They fear flights to Noumea will not resume before the state of emergency is lifted. Airgal has announced the cancellation of all flights between May 14 and May 21, citing 7,000 people affected.

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