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in pictures |  A clown lover has more than 2000 in her apartment

in pictures | A clown lover has more than 2000 in her apartment

A Quebec woman whose impressive collection of 2,000 clowns fills her tiny apartment from top to bottom dreams of opening a museum to display them.

“Most of the time, they’re in a warehouse, so a museum would be ideal,” agrees Mireille Harvey.

Didier Debuscheur’s photo

While waiting for that day to arrive, the 23-year-old gave us a tour of her four-and-a-half-year-old, which looks like a fair on the day before Halloween.

The clowns lining the walls – both good and bad – would give many people nightmares.

Didier Debuscheur’s photo

“We are so used to seeing them that we don’t even notice them anymore,” said the collector as he passed by the bloody head of a clown hanging near the wedding bed.

Above 4 feet 7 inches (140 cm), Mireille Harvey first presents us with a very scary animated clown beyond her with three heads.

Didier Debuscheur’s photo

Her young daughter in her arms, she presses a button and the evil specimen begins to stir in his kitchen, making threats. At the sight of him, little Malevi, 11 months old, burst into childlike laughter.

“I don’t run it so much as not to damage it, but it’s fun to see it move,” her mother said, smiling.

Didier Debuscheur’s photo

Mireille Harvey’s mother gave her her first clown at the age of seven and has continued to enrich her collection ever since.

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If its first acquisitions were made in flea markets, now the enthusiast buys mainly online or in supermarkets.

Mireille Harvey

Nora T.’s photo. La Montagne

“By definition, collectors have no limits, and we always want more,” she says, adding that she hopes her collection will eventually contain 7,000 pieces.

There is no shortage of clowns to achieve this goal.

One look at its shelves is enough to realize how prevalent it is in popular culture, and that it has been around for a long time.

The set includes items bearing a statue of Batov and Krusty, a Stephen King figure, or even Ronald MacDonald.

“Ho, my partner says he’s the scariest,” Mrs. Harvey laughs.

Mireille Harvey

Nora T.’s photo. La Montagne

In addition to figurines, his collection includes ornaments, posters, stuffed animals, vinyls, masks … In short, anything that represents a clown.

For her part, the collector admitted her passion for mega-animated clowns, which can cost $300 each.

On Halloween, you’re desperate to see a lot on the grounds of your neighborhood, at the mercy of bad weather.

Mireille Harvey

Nora T.’s photo. La Montagne

“To me, these are collectors’ items. They don’t deserve to be out in the rain!”, she pleads, wishing one day to display her family in a place where they can be fully appreciated.