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Nurses strive to catch COVID-19 so they don't get vaccinated

Nurses strive to catch COVID-19 so they don’t get vaccinated

To avoid compulsory vaccination, some nurses seek infection with the Coronavirus. According to the decree of September 24, when a person has contracted COVID-19 in the past six months, he is considered immune for six months.

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Messages about this have been circulating on the Facebook page of healthcare workers against compulsory vaccination.

Nurses are trying to get around the norm by contracting COVID-19, to the point where they are looking for someone with the disease so they can catch it. This strategy stirs up discontent in the health sector, particularly among nurses.

“It’s special! Whoever wants to get COVID-19, he’s totally insane, nurse reacts.

Another nurse adds: “Me, I’ve been vaccinated twice, we have the same COVID-19, but the goal is to protect people, because we want to get out of this, we want it to end.”

Remember that from November 15, health workers must be vaccinated, otherwise these workers will be at risk of being suspended without pay.

However, the position of the Health Professional Federation of Quebec (FIQ) remains the same.

“We recommend vaccination for all of our members, as well as promoting it among the population and participating in vaccination efforts,” he wrote in a statement. “Our position is based on science. In this context, we will not comment on specific cases, nor the indifferent nature of some comments made on social networks. COVID-19 is a dangerous virus and its health risks are very real.”

Our journalist spoke with Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ), and what they say is that we are unable to confirm that an investigation has been opened into the file because it is an independent process.

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However, if the trick is correct, it would be professional misconduct to attempt to get sick.

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