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Images of the meeting between King Charles III and the President of the United States

Images of the meeting between King Charles III and the President of the United States

Sameer Hussain / Sameer Hussain / WireImage WINDSOR, ENGLAND – JULY 10: Charles III and US President Joe Biden stand on stage as a military parade is formed by the Welsh Guards at Windsor Castle on July 10, 2023 in Windsor, England. The President is visiting England to further strengthen the close relationship between the two countries and discuss climate issues with King Charles III. (Photo by Sameer Hussain/WireImage)

Sameer Hussain / Sameer Hussain / WireImage

King Charles III and Joe Biden during a military parade at Windsor Castle, England on July 10, 2023.

United Kingdom – A show of unity. US President Joe Biden made a brief visit to London on Monday July 10, where he met Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and then the King ahead of an important NATO summit in Lithuania.

With all the pomp of the British monarchy, Joe Biden was greeted by Charles III at Windsor Castle, forty kilometers west of London, for a tea and a chat about the environment.

After a warm handshake with the sovereign, the 80-year-old US president was greeted with respect and listened to the American national anthem played by the Welsh Guards with his hands on his heart. Joe Biden even put his hand on the king’s back.

The two heads of state should talk about the environment above all else, according to the US president, which the US president feels is something the king has long been devoted to. “Great Honor”White House National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan explained on the presidential plane.

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Forty minutes on Downing Street with Rishi Sunak

In particular, they should take note of the results of the Forum on Climate Finance in Developing Countries, which US Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry is participating in Windsor.

It was their first meeting since the coronation of Charles III. Earlier, Joe and Jill Biden attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8.

Before Windsor, Joe Biden spent forty minutes in Downing Street, where he was greeted in the front hall by Rishi Sunak before enjoying tea in the garden.

Joe Biden talked about the relationship “solid as a rock” It connects the two countries. “I could not have met a closer friend and a better partner”He began.

The United States and the United Kingdom “Two Mighty Allies” Inside NATO, meanwhile, Rishi Sunak was proud that this was his sixth meeting with Joe Biden.

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Both leaders agreed that the need “strengthen” NATO and “Continue Support for Ukraine” So it wins against the Russian invasion a “Just and Sustainable Peace”According to a Downing Street report.

They also shared the desire for Sweden to join NATO quickly and fully.

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