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Arilhan.  Tour: Australia at its heart

Arilhan. Tour: Australia at its heart

Last Thursday July 6, the caravan and riders of the Tour de France took part in a warm-up lap on the streets of Aureilhan to reach the official starting point of the 6th stage.

A large crowd gathered to attend the event, which was held at Rue du 8 mai, rue Jules Guesde, avenue Jean Jaurès, rue des Pyrénées, Aureilhan.

Through this dazzling sunny morning, we realized that the world really moved on the spirit of family, neighbors and friendship, where we shared lunch on the door steps.

Jay Hindley and Henning

On the same road

With the Aureilhanais Circuit, we discovered that cycling knows how to bring people together. On Avenue Jean Jarres, two Australian flags and a kangaroo on a bike decorated the facade of a local house for the occasion.

Henning, who is of Australian descent, has lived in Arilhan for many years. He and his son wanted to make a mark in this tournament that the world would watch. Arilhan at heart, Australia at heart, Henning did not fail to inspire Australian runner Jay Hindley, who finds himself left on the podium at the end of the Avenue des Champs-Elysées.

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