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Best English-Speaking Countries to Vacation In?

With all the lockdowns that happened, many people are only now getting into a position where they can start thinking about going on vacation. And, although it may have been a lot of fun playing video games with Neosurf, binging TV, and spending time with the family, getting out of the house is still lovely every now and again.

vacation can be all you need to refresh your soul and mind before diving back into a world with stressful work. However, as you plan for your ideal vacation destination, the dominant language spoken in that country is worth considering. The last thing you want is to spend time in a hotel with servers who do not understand your language.

If you are searching for an English-speaking country to explore, you will be surprised by how many beautiful countries you will get. You may be interested in English-speaking countries if you want to associate with others during the vacation that speaks your native language.

You may also want to connect with English-speaking people in different cultures or environments. Here is my list of English-speaking countries with over 80% of the population speaking this international language.

1. Australia

Australia has English as its dominant language, and the only challenge you may face is differentiating the local slang. Don’t worry about it; you will be forgiven because you are not a native.

Since Australia does not have documented official language, people use English as the default language. However, Australians speak more than 200 languages, with Mandarin and English being predominant.

This country is also rich in tourist attractions such as the great barrier reef marine park, Sydney harbor bridge, Blue Mountains National Park, etc. The country also has terrific restaurants to stay in, including Crowne Plaza Adelaide, Oval Hotel, Mayfair Hotel, and many more.

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2. Singapore

This Asian nation is famous for its rapid industrialization but is also home to many English-speaking people. Many international expatriates have settled in this expensive city, contributing to an over 80% of the English-speaking population.

Several languages like Mandarin and Malay are spoken in the country, but English is the official language. You may wonder what you can enjoy on this small Island during your vacation. Plenty of tourist attraction sites that will leave you awed.

For instance, the waterfalls at Marina Bay, cool beaches in Sentosa and Solomon Islands, and breathtaking bridges like Helix and Henderson wave will leave wishing for a longer stay.

3. Sweden

Although Swedish is the official language in this country, 86% of its population speaks English. You can be confident that you will not be stuck in Stockholm because of the language barrier.

The restaurants or campsites have English-speaking attendants ready to make your vacation a dream come true. The weather in Sweden is cool, allowing tourists to truly rest from their burdens.

Furthermore, the public transport networks are excellent, and their medieval towns and clean environment will leave you desirous of changing citizenship. The people are welcoming and ready to converse and share their cultural experiences.

4. Trinidad and Tobago

This Caribbean country situated a few miles coast of Venezuela has English as its official language. Besides several indigenous languages spoken in the country, you will also find different creole dialects.

These Islands are brimming with life on the coastlines. You can undoubtedly enjoy your vacation here, relishing over white-sand beaches, reefs, and rainforests. Many independent travelers searching for dramatic topography and unpretentious ambiance will love Trinidad and Tobago.

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5. the Czech Republic

Czech Republic’s education system mandate that foreign language classes begin at age six. Most students pick English as a major foreign language to study, meaning many people understand the language. You can easily find English-speaking people in Prague since this city hosts over 200,000 foreigners.

The Czech Republic has several attraction sites you can delight in during your vacation, including Karlštejn Castle, Punka cave, Karlovy Vary, etc. This region also has restaurants with indigenous dishes you and your family will enjoy. Other languages spoken here are Czech, Russian, and German.

6. Portugal

You will bump into many English-speaking people if you visit large Portuguese cities such as Braga, Lisbon, Porto, and Algarve. The people in this country are loving and welcoming; you will not walk long before you are guided to someone who speaks your language.

You can enjoy a night at the beach with natives in Portugal as you sit by the fireplace. Several tourist attraction sites include Sintra, Convent of Christ, Belem’s Tower, Capella Dos Ossos, and the Azores.

The food at the market and the smiles from natives are worth traveling for. English-speaking travelers will undoubtedly enjoy themselves in this beautiful country.

7. New Zealand

New Zealand has English as its official language, with over 96% of its population fluently speaking it. However, like in Australia, they also speak specific British English. And it is not far from the Australian version, so if you are from Australia, you will comfortably feel at home.

The country uses English in its courts, government functions, and education systems. This means you will easily access all amenities during your vacation in this country. Even citizens in the remote parts of the country understand English, which means they can tour these areas without the challenge of the language barrier.

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8. Ghana

Ghana is an African country with approximately 14 million people speaking fluent English. The language is used in Primary and secondary schools, meaning most learned people will speak to you in English.

It is an official language in the country, and with high literacy levels, you can easily explore Ghanian’s best attraction sites. The people of Ghana are warm and welcoming to visitors.

Their native food will leave you wanting more, and their entertainment joints are exciting to visit.

9. Kenya

This East African country ranked in the top five of the best English-speaking countries in Africa. Although the country has two official languages: English and Swahili, the former is predominantly used in schools, courts, and government offices.

Kenyan people are friendly to guests, and its parks like Masai Mara are worth visiting. With over 42 tribes, you will enjoy the country’s diverse food and culture. The weather in this country is ideal for a vacation, providing you with hilly and plain topography.


If you are looking for an English-speaking country to spend your vacation in, you have plenty to choose from. English is an official language in many nations; you have no fear if it is your native language. When people from varied languages come together, English is often the bridging language.