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Israel: The United States United Front and their allies in the Middle East amid concerns surrounding Iran

SDE BOKER, Israel (Reuters) – US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on Monday showed the United Front with Washington’s allies in the Middle East that he hopes to ease their concerns about US involvement in the region and remove their bookings on the deal. Light on the Iranian nuclear program.

The U.S. diplomat joined Monday, the day before the summit kicked off in Sde Boker’s Kibbutz in the Enkow Desert in southern Israel, which unites the three Arab states that have joined Israel, Egypt and the Jewish state. Normalized its relations in 2020 under the influence of the United States: Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Morocco.

At the conclusion of the summit, the foreign ministers of the six countries announced on Monday afternoon that Israeli diplomat Yar Lapid would “make the Ngev summit a permanent forum.” Participants have established new trade and security relations with other like-minded Sunni Arab countries.

“Today we open the door to all the people of the region, including the Palestinians, who are proposing to change the path of terrorism and destruction with a common future of progress and victory,” he said.

“This new architecture and the shared capabilities we are developing will help to intimidate and deter our common adversaries, primarily Iran and its allies,” he added.

Anthony Blingen said the United States and its allies would work together to address security challenges and threats in the region posed by Iran.

Facing threats together

“As neighbors and as friends of the United States, we will work together to address the common challenges and threats we face, including pro-Iranian militants in many countries in the region.”

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Gil Hussein, a senior Israeli foreign ministry official, told the Israeli public broadcaster that he had given permission to the Iranian authorities, referring to the Iranian authorities, to “come together with the moderate forces (in the region) to discuss and form a front against the extremists.”

“There are subtleties we can discuss and discuss, there are different perspectives, there is agreement on some points and less agreement on others, but there is no doubt in this room and this table that Iran should not be a nuclear power (power),” he added.

Negotiations to renew the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in Vienna were on the verge of ending, and earlier this month Russia demanded a written commitment from the United States not to interfere in its dealings with Iran under sanctions against Iran due to its attack on Ukraine.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Trianon reiterated on Monday during a visit to Doha, Qatar, that the Joint Global Action Plan (PAGC or JCPoA in English, the official name for which is close to the 2015 agreement) is a response to the lifting of sanctions against the Islamic Republic. Controls the program.

While welcoming the resumption of relations between Israel and several Arab countries, Anthony Blinken, who is in Ramallah on the West Bank, on Sunday reaffirmed the United Nations’ commitment to meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Bilateral solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“We must be clear that these regional peace agreements will not be a substitute for progress in the peace process between the Palestinians and the Israelis,” he said.

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But the prospect of a resumption of peace talks is a long way off.

The conditions for renewing diplomatic relations with the Palestinians have not been met for the multilateral government coalition formed around nationalist Naphtali Bennett last June, which, for its part, denies responsibility for the embargo on Israel.

Anthony Blinken, who is touring the Middle East and the Maghreb until Wednesday, is set to travel to Morocco and Algeria in the coming days.

(Rig by Maayan Lubell and Humeyra Pamuk, with Dan Williams Jrusalem; French version Myriam Rivet)

By Humeyra Pamuk