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I’m disappointed, Mr. Sardo!

I’m disappointed, Mr. Sardo!

My expectations were high last Friday at the Bell Center.

I went there thinking that Michel Sardou would please his fans, some of whom had been loyal to him for 60 years, by performing his most famous songs.

But Mr. Sardou clearly wanted to have a good time, singing mainly more obscure songs from his repertoire.

He repeated some of his hits but reduced them to simple snippets strung together in a medley.

For those who paid between $100 and $228 for a ticket, let’s just say they didn’t feel like they got their money’s worth! Especially when parking at Bell Center costs…$41!

What is generosity?

Far from Sardo’s sole example, it is the more general phenomenon of artists depriving their audiences of their greatest successes that disappoints me.

I remember, several years ago, when Vincent Delerme came to Montreal. His biggest song, his biggest hit, the one that put him “on the map”, of course it was Fanny Ardant and I.

When Delerme continued his songs without even giving up his hit song, I thought to myself that he lacked generosity.

It’s still crazy: I heard more complete versions of Sardou’s phenomenal songs while dining at Bazarit Restaurant in the Bell Center than at the show itself! The restaurant owners had the strange idea of ​​playing Sardo only to the people who were eating there before going to see the show.

In the first part of the show, pianist Antoine Decrope incorporated Sardou’s songs into his own pieces. The crowd at the Bell Center sang along singing And Love disease… In the absence of the great man.

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Then, when Sardou himself arrived on stage, he gave us a cold bath: he told us that he would disappoint us because he would not sing exactly the song we wanted to hear. “Even if the show lasted eight hours, the song would still be missing.” People come to see him after his show, accusing him of not singing the song they came for.

I completely understand what he meant: there was no way he could please every fan with every song. But that’s no reason to overlook your greatest hits by quickly consolidating them into a medley.

Why reduced? Sing, Broadway Java, Le France For excerpts but after she sang Mamisili Louisiana complete? Why do you prefer songs that the cat doesn’t know by heart?

Michel Sardou concluded his presentation with appeal As usual By Claude François. Why not. But it’s still strange that he would put aside his greatest successes to highlight someone else’s greatest success.

It’s still unbelievable that we’re leaving the Sardo show… and not the Sardo buzz.

Missing an appointment

Michel Sardou’s show was titled I remember saying goodbye. I was sure he would spoil us by showing us off.

Let’s say that on my evening at the Bell Center, I remember saying goodbye…I missed it.