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One more week in “If We Loved Each Other”

One more week in “If We Loved Each Other”

Participants in the fourth season of the reality documentary If we loved each otherwhich is in full swing at TVA, will watch key moments from their journey in front of the cameras in order to evaluate them and push their approach further.

This is 13H Broadcast Week is a new program produced by Duo Productions in collaboration with Quebcor Content.

“The participants had the privilege of watching the episodes together. Usually, they watched the episodes separately. So, before the broadcast, they were able to see different stages of their journey. This allowed them to clarify things,” Louise Seguin, a relationship support expert, said in an interview with QMI. “And modernize themselves, and it’s very interesting to see that.”

Photo courtesy of DUO PRODUCTIONS

She praised their “authenticity, truth, vulnerability and forgetfulness of the camera.”

“This is what allows each of us to get to know ourselves, get to know ourselves, and allow ourselves to be affected,” added the woman, who has been providing support for three decades.

Filming the second season of If we still love each other

Moreover, the second season of If we still love each other, the reality documentary version dedicated to couples who want to give themselves another chance to continue their journey together, launched this fall. We don’t know yet when it will be broadcast.

  • Listen to the latest interview with Louise Seguin, relationship support expert on Sophie Durocher via QUB Radio:

As for a potential fifth season of If we loved each otherNothing has been confirmed yet from TVA, QMI has learned.

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Documentary If we loved each other It is presented Monday through Thursday at 7:30 p.m., immediately after the daily Indefensible.

You can also see Louise Sigouin every Thursday at Hello good Morning For a column related to If we loved each other.