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"I'd rather have an upsetting impression"

“I’d rather have an upsetting impression”

In his new movie “He,” Guillaume Canet plays a composer who needs inspiration to balance his heart out between two women. Meet Paris Match.

kanye clouds Was he the new French cinema magnate? We posed the question to the person concerned on the occasion of the upcoming release of his new movie “He”. “I don’t have that feeling, but maybe it’s my inner asshole, suspecting everything, and still playing tricks on me.” I don’t feel like the profession follows me, and I don’t feel fully integrated into this environment. I better have an annoying impression. As a director, I don’t expect anyone. As an actor, I have a feeling that a lot of directors don’t want to include me in their family. Suddenly, I made one: my wife, my friends, my producer. I don’t own the card, apparently, but I do have a Pathé card. They support and trust me since “Rock’n’roll”. That they escorted me for ‘He’ while shooting Asterix on standby was massive.” Guillaume Canet was chosen to revolutionize the irreducible franchise of the Greeks. Other directors were in competition. It’s a dedication and a huge responsibility entrusted to me.”

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Its true place in French cinema is perhaps its producer Alain Attal who speaks best of it: “Some actors and directors miss me forever. I think of Paul Newman, John Cassavetes, Robert Redford or Clint Eastwood. By producing films Guillaume, Who Wants To Live Thousands of lives and not missing anything, I really feel the support of a man of this level.”

Find our meeting with Guillaume Canet at No. 3780 from Paris Match.

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