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Bernie Sanders wants to institute a 32-hour week

Bernie Sanders wants to institute a 32-hour week

Bernie Sanders at the Capitol, March 14, 2024.
Chip Somodevilla/AFP

In his bill, the Democratic senator wants to reduce the work week from 40 to 32 hours “to take advantage of leisure time and reduce stress.”

Work less for the same pay. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, chairman of the Senate Health, Education and Labor Committee, is promoting a bill this week that would reduce the weekly work hours while maintaining Americans' wage levels.

The goal is to go from a 40-hour work week to a 32-hour week. According to Sanders, the initiative represents a significant step forward “To ensure workers benefit from massive increases in productivity driven by artificial intelligence, automation and new technologies”He clarified In a press release This Wednesday, March 13. The bill already has support 4 day week worldwide And Job fourTwo American associations campaigning for a four-day week.

Reduce stress

The Democratic senator insists the proposal is not radical “US workers are producing 400% more than they did in the 1940s”, despite the established 40-hour work week at the time. And yet more American workers are now working longer hours for less pay than they did decades ago, a situation Sanders wants to change.

In his press release, he emphasizes that it is time for working families to benefit from increased productivity, allowing them to enjoy more leisure time, spend time with family, seize educational and cultural opportunities, and reduce stress.

As outlined, the bill also proposes to reduce the maximum number of hours required to earn overtime NBC News. In addition, overtime will be paid at an increased rate of 50% for workdays exceeding eight hours, and the salary of employees working more than 12 hours per day shall be doubled.

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