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NFT Fraud: French footballer Aurelian Michel, son of Coco Michele, arrested in US

NFT Fraud: French footballer Aurelian Michel, son of Coco Michele, arrested in US

Did Aurelian Michael intend to defraud the purchasers of the NFTs, a Digital artwork genre ? That’s what US authorities think, the soccer player’s son, Coco Michael, who arrested this young Breton on Wednesday, reports this Saturday. telegramoften takes A statement issued by the US Attorney’s Office.

The Frenchman, who now resides in the United Arab Emirates, was “accused of defrauding NFT buyers. Planet of the Mutant Apes » Up to $2.9 million. Thus, Aurelian Michel was accused of “promising numerous rewards and benefits aimed at increasing the demand and value” of NFTs, but took all the money from investors and left the project.

“NFT Buyers Planet of the Apes They thought they were investing in a trendy new collection, but were duped and didn’t receive any of the promised benefits,” said Evan J. “If NFTs run out, (Aurelian) Michael has stopped communication and withdrawn funds from the buyers”, supports for its part, in the same press release, the service responsible for investigations since the filing of the complaint, Also published onlineIn early 2022.

Blame it on a “too toxic” society

According to the U.S. Attorney, Arelian Michael admitted to the scheme during interrogations but denied any responsibility. The Frenchman blamed the community of NFT buyers, arguing that it had “become too toxic”. As he was about to leave for the United Arab Emirates, John F. Kennedy International Airport was arrested on Wednesday.

Aurélien Michel is not unknown in France. He is the son of Coco Michel, a legendary player of En Avant Guingamp (EAG) who is now part of the coaching staff. Aurélien Michel, 24, tried to follow in his father’s footsteps: trained at EAG, he was a player at Lannion and Ploumagoar.

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