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This AI-imagined Blue Jays video will give you nightmares

This AI-imagined Blue Jays video will give you nightmares

Artificial intelligence is a huge breakthrough in technology, but sometimes it can also produce results worthy of your worst nightmares.

TSN staffer Josh Shiaman recently ordered an AI to create an ad for the Blue Jays, Toronto’s professional baseball team, and the result was disastrous.

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Horror movie fans will be delighted, but everyone else, will stay there. You will have been warned.

The video begins fairly normally, with hordes of identical amateurs and a few, albeit tech-savvy, kids enjoying a snack at the Rogers Center. After 15 seconds we start to see distorted players, but everything is still fine.

The raving started about halfway through the 52-second video clip. After watching the kid enjoying an alcoholic beverage, several characters fidget and make room for scenes worthy of the worst zombie movies.

Here we believe the intent was to feed hot dogs and other savory snacks to members of the crowd, but the food quickly mixed into the fingers and arms of the spectators.

And what better than a good old blowout to end this carnage in style? Filmmakers George Romero and Michael Bay would be proud…

Besides, the reaction of the team says it all. Let’s all try to forget these pics…

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