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I saved the honeymoon hostess

I saved the honeymoon hostess

The creativity of a flight attendant saved an American couple’s honeymoon.

Just hours after their wedding, the couple headed to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a Caribbean cruise, according to Dailymail.

On their flight, however, they realize that the new bride has forgotten her passport at home.

The document is necessary to board the cruise ship, but it was not for travel from the US to Puerto Rico.

Running out of solutions, the pair explain the situation to Dusty Dills, a Delta flight attendant.

Immediately, he reaches out to a few colleagues who were taking other cruises in the next few hours to try and find a way to get the passport to San Juan in time for the cruise’s departure.

To achieve this feat, they needed the help of many people.

First, the bride’s sister-in-law came to take the document to Dusty, who was returning to Detroit that same night.

Then he headed to Atlanta to deliver it to Jeff Mendes, who is also a flight attendant.

The latter went to Puerto Rico to deliver the document to Juan Arroyo who works at the airport.

A few hours later, the couple headed to Delta’s customer service desk to retrieve the document that would give them access to their cruise.

“I walked into the office and said, ‘I know what I’m going to say may sound strange, but I think my passport is here,'” she said.

“We are so grateful, this is the greatest wedding gift, and we are indebted to Dusty and the Delta staff,” explains the newlywed couple.

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