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Disabled woman forced to sleep on couch in hotel dining room

Disabled woman forced to sleep on couch in hotel dining room

Instead, a woman in a wheelchair who had booked an accessible hotel room for her own needs was forced to sleep in the hotel’s dining room because the room was not cleaned in a timely manner, it was reported.

On April 26, Englishwoman Kat Watkins, 36, carefully planned her trip to London to attend singer James Bay’s performance, when she was reportedly denied access to the room she had rented. At the Travelodge in Hounslow. Watchman Sunday.

Arguing that the room was “broken down”, the staff were suggesting instead that the woman call a taxi once she returned from the concert, to take her to another Travelodge establishment.

Except that when he returned from the concert around midnight there were no wheelchair accessible taxis and the room was shown “out of service” to someone else as it had simply not been cleaned upon his arrival earlier in the day, the woman reportedly I learned.

His only option: an “extremely hard” sofa placed in the dining room of the establishment, to accommodate a woman suffering from “glass bone disease,” a disease that causes significant osteoporosis.

“The concert I attended was good but I have a bitter memory because the experience I had was very traumatic. I have never experienced something so terrible. […] “I’ve had a bad backache ever since that night,” Ms Watkins told the Guardian.

Kat Watkins | Twitter

Although the hotel was going to offer a “sincere apology” by email, the 30-year-old, who works as a development officer for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, lamented the establishment not being open to conversation. adapt their practices.

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“We are about a fifth of the population [17 % au Royaume-Uni]We are many, and we need to be included in society, not just an ulterior motive for society,” she would tell The Independent.