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“I let it go and let myself enjoy myself”: Léane Labrèche-Dor, much more than the daughter of her father, Marc Labrèche

“I let it go and let myself enjoy myself”: Léane Labrèche-Dor, much more than the daughter of her father, Marc Labrèche

Léane Labrèche-Dor has always bragged about being compared to her famous father, Marc Labrèche-Dor. Aware that her familial ties could be a “double-edged sword,” the actress was forced to make tough choices to avoid being associated with her father. Today, as she carves her place in Quebec’s artistic community, the 35-year-old actress has come to terms with her genetic background.

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“I made my way, got my lessons and changed my mindset about it,” she confides in an interview with register On the occasion of the film’s release My mother’s menwhich is her star.

“When I started my career, there was a real desire to separate myself from my father. I knew that no matter what I did, there would always be 50% of people who would say I got such a role because Marc Labrech is my father. But today, I let myself go and allow myself to have more fun.”

From laughter to tears

Proof of this dispensation: Léane Labrèche-Dor recently agreed to play alongside her father, grandmother (Michel Labrèche-Laroche) and husband (Mikael Gouen) in the family parody “Les Labrèche-Dor,” which was presented earlier this year as part of the programme. I am comingModerated by Marc Labreche. To his surprise, this series of very short sketches was a hit with viewers.

“It’s kind of crazy, when you do that, you never know if it’s going to be well received,” she notes. But people find it funny. At the same time, it’s completely ridiculous. It looks pointless! And my grandmother, wow, bring out the Gemini! I’ll give him all the awards in the world for his performance in this! »

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In the years since graduating from the National Theater School (in 2012), Lynn Labrées d’Or has often distinguished herself in comedic roles, particularly in the humorous program SNL QuebecWhich she revealed to the public in 2014, and the series Squad 99Quebec adaptation of the American sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Ninebroadcast on Club illico in 2020.

But in recent years, filmmakers have increasingly called upon his services for his versatility and ability to also evolve into a dramatic record.

This is particularly the case for director Anik Jan, who offered him the main role in his first feature film, My mother’s men, which opens August 4. Léane Labrèche-Dor plays Elsie, a young woman in her early thirties who receives an unexpected inheritance from her estranged mother: a mission to reconnect with her five ex-husbands.

Anik Jean was already a friend of Léane Labrèche-Dor when she offered him the lead role in her film. This is the performance of the actress in the drama laughterreleased in 2020, which convinced her of the extent of her game board.

“Today, I can’t imagine the movie without Lean,” says Anik Jan.

She carried the film on her shoulders as a warrior. Leanne, to me, is a strong woman and I say that because I know her on so many levels. But in film and acting, she is an actress with a very wide range, great generosity and great listening with other actors. It’s easy to work with. She’s a wicked big talent, that girl. »

Quickly, read a text My mother’s men (Written by Marise Latendres), Léane Labrèche-Dor targeted several elements that allowed her to connect with the character of Elsie. Like the fact that she also lost her mother at a young age [elle avait 16 ans quand sa mère, Fabienne Dor, a succombé à un cancer, NDLR].

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“She definitely helped me make emotional paths to interpret the character,” notes the actress on this point in common with the film’s heroine.

“I think it allowed me to arrive with a small range of emotions and a vision of what this mourning represented. I don’t think you had to lose your mother to play this part. There are exceptional actresses who could have played it better than me. But there is something unique in the way you proposed to deal with the mourning and energy of this girl, who was very close to me.”

Photo by Jocelyn Michel,

in the major leagues

on the set of the movie My mother’s menLéane Labrèche-Dor also had the opportunity to provide response to many famous actors, including Colm Feore, Marc Messier, Patrick Huard and Anne-Marie Cadieux.

“It was very scary because they are such game memorials,” she says. It was like a game lesson every day. What I found beautiful was that it allowed me to learn with actors who had very different acting styles.

“But it took a while for me to stop being so intimidated… I felt so small in my shorts next to them!” Colm Feore is Canada’s greatest Shakespearean actor. He’s huge on stage. When he arrived on set, I was like a 10-year-old girl. I couldn’t look into his eyes. »

♦ Movie My mother’s men Hits theaters August 4th.

a lot of

Your first memories at the cinema?

“I remember going to see Toy Story when I was young. But the first time I got scared of movies was when I saw red mill. It was the first time I saw a movie and I said to myself: Wow, this is so cool, what an exceptional medium! Then followed several years of “kick” on Ewan McGregor … ”

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Your last favourite?

“I know it came out a year ago, but I really loved it Arsenio and his son. There is, too plunger Which I loved even if I hadn’t seen it in theatres. »

A movie you might want to work with?

“Luke Picard! I still haven’t recovered from session. I find it a masterpiece. There is something I like about Luke’s sensitivity. It is very fragile and yet it is a rock. He is an artist who interests me a lot. Other than that, there are many other filmmakers I’d like to work with one day, like Robin Aubert, Louis Bélanger, Chloé Robichaud, and Sophie Dupuis, to name a few. »