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King Charles III is 'extremely disappointed' with cancer treatment

King Charles III is 'extremely disappointed' with cancer treatment

Peter Phillips has revealed that his uncle Charles III was “extremely frustrated” with restrictions on his cancer treatment.

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The son of Princess Anne, Charles' sister, and her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips, said that the King's patience was beginning to run out due to the lack of what his doctors allowed him to do.

“He's in a good mood,” Peter Phillips, 46, said. Sky News Australia On March 24th. “I think he ends up feeling very frustrated. He feels frustrated because he can't do everything he wants to do.”

He adds that the 75-year-old monarch tried to encourage his doctors to give him the green light to resume public activities, but to no avail. “He's always pushing his staff, everyone, the doctors and nurses, saying, 'Can I do this or that? Can I do that?' », adds the king's nephew.

He added: “He is clearly very keen to return to some form of normality. He may feel frustrated that recovery is taking a little longer than he wants. »

Whoever remembers the incident of Charles III grinding his teeth in front of an inkwell that his employees took a long time to remove from his desk, can easily imagine the small royal seal of His Majesty the King! “But he is very practical, he understands that there is a period during which he must really focus on himself,” enrages Charles III's nephew.

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