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France Castell held back tears as she spoke of her daughter to Maribere Maureen

France Castell held back tears as she spoke of her daughter to Maribere Maureen

France Castell went through a whole range of emotions when she appeared on Maribere Maureen’s microphone.

You are invited to participate in the last episode of the podcast seeds of hope Written by Maribere Morin and Angelo Rubino, 77-year-old actress, the topic of addiction is explicitly addressed, but mainly the topic of the concept of “strict honesty”.

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Castel wows her guests with her delicious anecdotes and wisdom-filled interventions.

However, when she had to talk about her daughter, she felt the strongest of feelings.

Twice during the interview, which lasted just under an hour, the person who also recorded several albums in the 1970s had to hold back his sighs.

Initially at 5:14 p.m., she holds back tears and pauses as she recalls the unpleasant memories that re-emerged after the birth of her daughter.

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Then a little later around 10:04 p.m., her mood completely changed, once again, when she started talking about her daughter.

“She also has serious problems. She doesn’t live here…but hey, everyone has their own way,” said Castle, who seemed very moved, without specifying what kind of problems his daughter had.

The rest of the interview takes place without another moment of this intensity, but it nonetheless remains very interesting, given Frans Castell’s path full of pitfalls.

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“I’m working [encore] Because I want to represent my age group,” she says at the end. “I find it important that we exist.”

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And there’s no denying it: she does it admirably.

podcasts seeds of hope France Castel is available on YouTube and most other platforms.

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