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'I decided to prioritize my health': Dermatologist leaves network at end of his rope

'I decided to prioritize my health': Dermatologist leaves network at end of his rope

One of Quebec's busiest dermatologists is leaving the public network. Fearing that Title 15 would force him to care for more patients than he was already seeing, Dr. Daniel Minear reluctantly decided to continue his private practice.

“It is difficult to leave the public system in which we believe, but I had to make a choice and decided to prioritize my health,” said Dr. Menier in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

The 55-year-old dermatologist from Sherbrooke currently has 15,000 active patients and sees about 225 patients a week: “Given the number of patients I have, at the stage I'm at, I can't add new patients. I'll probably slow down a bit to get back to a more normal pace.” “

Daniel Minear fears that Bill 15, adopted last December, will force specialist doctors like him to contribute to the referral system and see new patients.

In a letter sent to his patients, the dermatologist indicated that he would cease his current practice and begin his own practice effective July 1, 2024.

Those who want to continue seeing a dermatologist under the general plan will have to submit a request to their family doctor or go to a First Line Access Center (GAP). People with a serious condition will be referred directly to a specialist.

The waiting list in Estrie to see a dermatologist currently stands at 6,500 people.

In an interview, Daniel Minear admitted that his career plan, before adopting the Dube reform, was to continue his practice in the public network for another 15 years by gradually reducing his workload.

“It's a difficult decision and it doesn't fit with the way I see my future. It clashed with my values, but in the choice I had to make, I balanced the two and wanted to maintain my health.

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The Association of Specialized Dermatologists of Quebec insists on the fact that the specific clinical activities (AMP) that will be required of dermatologists who do not practice in an institution in the network have not yet been defined.

Dr. Minear keeps the door open to eventually return to the public network, as long as he can do so under reasonable circumstances.

With information from Yasmin Dumas.