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I compared the McDonald’s menu in Canada to the one in the US and the results were overwhelming

I compared the McDonald’s menu in Canada to the one in the US and the results were overwhelming

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A question has been plaguing my mind for some time now: Do the menus of fast food chains really taste different from one country to another? Of course, food regulations can vary, but I’ve always wondered if this would have a real impact on places like Tim Hortons or McDonalds that have addresses all over the world.

To find out, I crossed the border between Canada and the US to check out just how different food at McDonald’s is, and to confirm that the experience isn’t all the same. .

To create a thorough enough test to answer this big question, I tasted four of the most famous and popular items on the menu: the McCroquettes, the Big Mac sandwich, the famous fries, and the huge drink format. In a fountain. .

With a side of four croquettes, it retails for US$2.39 (CAD$3.25) in the US and then $4.49 in Canada. I was already impressed from the first bite, with the sweet and sour sauce recognized as the most popular according to the two staff members who served me. The American version has a cardboard-like texture, with little flavor, dipped in a common sauce, while the Canadian ones are crispier and more flavorful, like a side dish.

I tested the Big Mac, which turned out to be a real disappointment when I bit into one from our neighbor to the south, which sells for US$10.48 (CAD$13.93) each. The bread is thick and the meat is not very tasty, although I expected it to be dirtier than at home. For $11.64 CAD and without leaving the country, the sandwich still had plenty of flavor, but the meat was also good.

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The Big Mac in America. Right: Big Mac in Canada.Norcity Quebec | Network light

Next, the famous fries! Who doesn’t order a portion of these delicious golden potatoes at the end of the evening or when they’re just a little hankering? Hardly anyone! The large format, coincidentally the same size in both countries, sold for US$4.39 (CAD$5.79) at the border and CAD$4.49 here.

If they are more expensive in our neighboring countries, a meat-flavored oil mixture for frying potatoes is definitely not worth the trip. A slight difference in taste is evident as we taste something slightly reminiscent of beef broth.But I could easily do without it. On the Canadian side, the fries are a little salty, with some bites that are crunchy and some that are soft.

To finish off this little taste test in style, it was done with a huge fountain drink cup, more precisely a large glass of coke. What surprised me the most is that the US doesn’t have an extra-large option right now, so the brews are the same size in both regions.

This was a surprise to me, as both flavors are identical, with a $0.20 (US$1.29, or CAD$1.70 and CAD$1.50) difference thanks to the current summer drink promotion. The one from Canada is slightly sweeter and fizzier than the other, which is more satisfying to the taste buds, although the taste is almost identical.

Against all odds, I can say that no, the grass is not always greener next door. With more McDonald’s on the north side of the border than on the south, you’d better believe that a simple half-hour drive will change everything.

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