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8 Creative Ideas for the Perfect Christmas Card Photo

Got the holiday fever yet? If you’re like most people, you know there’s so much fun to be had in planning, shopping, decorating, and DIY-ing around Christmas time that hardly anyone is immune to it. 

Now, you may be on your own stuffing the turkey and hanging your Christmas lights, but when it comes to designing the perfect Christmas card photos, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are eight creative, picture-perfect poses for your Christmas cards.

1. Wear an Ugly Sweater

If you don’t already own an ugly (or quirky) holiday sweater, it’s high time you get one. They may seem just like a funny prop, but these knitted masterpieces are also a great reminder to not take ourselves too seriously; to let our hair down and have a good laugh every once in a while. And if you have matching ugly holiday sweaters with your partner or family members, the more the merrier!

2. Lounge in Your Pajamas

Christmas is probably the only time of the year when it’s okay, even preferable, to be in your pajamas all day long. In that vein, why not show off your funky bedtime outfit on your Christmas cards? Double points if it’s a onesie with a funny holiday print.

3. Bake Christmas Cakes

Catch the holiday spirit by photographing some spontaneous moments in the kitchen. Indeed, the best laughs happen when something gets spilled, and flour flying everywhere can be a great visual effect. Even if these photos don’t make it on your holiday card, you’ll still have tons of fun taking them.

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4. Sip Hot Chocolate By the Fireplace

This may sound cliché, but picture it for a moment. Chances are you’re already feeling a bit more soothed with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand. If you want to make this occasion more unique, you can include some books you read this year, wrap your pet into the blanket next to you, or replace the hot drink with a glass of your favorite wine.

5. Head for the Outdoors

Whether it’s snowing or not, outdoor photos are always a good choice. Have some fun in the snow if you live in a cold area, or choose a picturesque tree line for your background.

6. Pick Out a Christmas Tree

If you like picking a tree yourself, use this opportunity to take some interesting photos. The dark green color of the evergreens makes for a fantastic background.

Pro tip: Wear something red to offer a nice contrast and to stand out in the photo.

7. Present Your Year in a Collage

Why not make a fun compilation of your favorite moments throughout the year and turn it into a collage? Add a holiday-inspired frame or an illustration, and you’ll not only have a unique looking card, but also a great reminder of your 365-day-long journey. In need of some ideas? Minted offers a variety of photo Christmas card designs by independent artists and which are curated to make your Christmas cards stand out from the pack. 

8. Get Together with Family

Christmas is about family, so why not include everyone on one card? Get the whole family together (close and distant relatives and even pets) and have some fun trying to get everyone to keep their eyes open for that one perfect shot. Fair warning — it may take a few tries!

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Be Jolly and Laugh a Little Christmas is Coming!

What is Christmas if not for the special time of year to get together and be happy with friends and loved ones? Any holiday activities you choose to dive into should be a merry pastime — not anxious, pressure-driven, stressful obligations. Relax and have some fun while preparing your holiday feast, shopping for presents, or designing your Christmas cards. It is, after all, the season to be jolly.