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New Caledonians in Australia: Estelle as Head of Equestrian Center on the Gold Coast [6/7]

New Caledonians in Australia: Estelle as Head of Equestrian Center on the Gold Coast [6/7]

3000 km from New Caledonia, Australia enchants many locals. Many have chosen to move abroad for career, opportunity or a fresh start. Meeting with Estelle this Saturday. At the age of 20, the young lady runs the equestrian center founded by her parents in 2009 on her own near Mount Tamborine, 25km from Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast.

Every morning, the alarm clock goes off at 4:30. After the daily play session, Estelle starts her work day at 7 am. His lifestyle is very different from that of young people his age. No school but full time job, in the heart of a property. His daily tasks: teaching riding, training horses, taking care of the life of the equestrian center and many other tasks that fall to the director.

Estelle has lived in Australia since she was seven years old. In 2009, her parents – her mother is an Australian citizen – chose to go overseas to deliver “More Chances” to their children. Already in a bilingual class in Noumea, Estelle had no difficulty adjusting to the new language. “I remember it was hard compared to my friends; my family still lives in Noumea. It was a bit of a shock that it was just my parents, my brother and me.” She believes.

The family quickly settled on a property and decided to buy horses, eventually opening a club. “In Australia, horse culture is very different from Caledonia. Here, horse riding is not easy for everyone. It was very rare to have a club in those days” Estelle, who has lived there since she was 10, explains.

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When asked when she rides, she replies that she kind of does “Born on the back of a horse.”

Estelle grew up in Noumea and has been riding since she was two; Horses have always been a part of his life. A passion passed down by his parents.

My parents met on horseback and I’ve been riding since I was two.

Memories of her odd-eyed pony when she was three years old are etched in her memory, as is her faithful companion Jack. A gift from her parents, many a little girl’s dream and the beginning of a long story.

Before becoming the director of the Equestrian Center, Estelle first began studying to become a veterinarian. Before the emergence of Covid, he did a preparatory class for three months. “All of a sudden all the courses were done online and it wasn’t for me. I like to learn on the job and don’t like sitting for hours. It’s always been my dream to be a vet but I just can’t. Stay in place.” She explains.

So when her parents decide to move back to Caledonia, Estelle stays and takes center stage. Since 2017, he has been living with his two-year-old younger brother on the family property, along with three other club employees. Monday to Sunday, every day of the year, 7am to 7pm is a job, because even when she’s not teaching or dressage, she’s taking care of her 28 horses, taking care of the quarries and managing all the administration. A part of the center. “I want to teach people what I know. Some days are harder than others, it’s hard and very physical work, but it’s always been a part of my life.” Estelle explains.

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Equestrian center run by Estelle offers rides, riding lessons, outfitters etc.

The center has hundreds of members and even caters to the needs of some clients. “I had a 96-year-old woman ride a horse. She wanted to do it all her life, she was so happy, there was no limit. I also had a blind woman who wanted to ride a horse. Walk around so I did.” She remembers.

The young Caledonian also has to face the reality of the horse racing world in Australia, which is less structured than Caledonia. Buying quality horses is not easy because, according to Estelle, eight out of ten horses are dead ends. Beautiful models though “It’s very difficult to ride or train.”

At just 20 years old, Estelle is a true business woman who knows her luck and her life like no other. She admits it: She doesn’t see herself doing anything other than working full-time.

My mother started her first business at my age. Since I was 17, I no longer lived with my parents. We have always had the independent attitude that our parents taught us.

Even though her life is moving at 100 km/h, Estelle still maintains this connection with Caillou. Most of her friends are Caledonians and live in Australia like her. Her parents used to go back and forth with the youngest of the family.