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Fear of CH about Kaiden Guhle

Fear of CH about Kaiden Guhle

The next few months won’t be easy for Kayden Guehli, prospective Montreal Canadiens.

If that logic is followed, the 20-year-old defensive player and oil king could claim top honors in the WHL and qualify for the Anniversary Cup tournament that takes place in June in St. John’s.

Next, Guhle will represent Canada at the World Junior Hockey Championship, which will take place August 8-14, in Alberta.

And with training camps starting in September, that means the likelihood the Habs won’t get much rest in the coming months.

“It’s going to be scary how quickly he’s ready to play with the Canadians, but the team’s fear is if he’s going to hit a wall,” Renaud Lavoie told GC Magazine on Monday.

“Hockey and ice, he’ll see a lot. He won’t get time off, so you’ll be part of the discussions [au sein de la direction du Tricolore]. “

In 22 games since being traded for the Alberta side, the 20-year-old defender has amassed 23 points, including five goals, in addition to a 20-point difference. His team is currently going through a winning streak of 11 matches.

In his category, Renaud Lavoie also talks about the possibility of seeing Jake Allen traded by the trade deadline. Watch it in the video above.

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