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X launches a $20 monthly subscription

X launches a $20 monthly subscription


Users can now choose from three plans: Basic, Premium (formerly known as “Blue”), and Premium+, priced at $4, $11, and $20 per month, respectively.

In addition to the benefits included in the Premium plan, Premium+ subscribers will benefit from better viewing of their messages (more opportunity to be read and generate interactions) and will no longer see ads.

The cheapest option includes basic editing tools (the ability to correct a message or post longer videos, among other things), two-factor authentication, but not access to creator tools (which allow you to get paid) nor the certificate from the account with a badge. Famous blue check.

The Blue Subscription was launched chaotically in the months following the Tesla CEO’s takeover of the company, and was intended to diversify revenue streams and democratize the user certification system.

The blue checkmark, which was previously free but reserved for verified and known accounts, is now paid but open to everyone.

Between this method and the sharp decline in content moderation, the platform has become even more confusing, with many supposedly verified fake accounts spreading false information or rumours.

Many advertisers abandoned Company X. Its value fell to $28 billion and advertising revenues fell by half, according to Elon Musk.

The network could become pay-for-all: in New Zealand and the Philippines, new users already have to pay $1 each year to be able to send messages.

The idea is to prevent recording from “bots,” which are automated accounts that can be used to artificially amplify political messages, for example.

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The billionaire hopes to turn the platform into a global app, based on China’s WeChat model, which works as a messaging and online payment service.

He started testing adding a tool to make voice and video calls directly from X.

On Friday, he wrote “Freedom” on his personal page, republishing his message he wrote a year ago after the takeover: “The bird is free,” referring to the blue Twitter bird that has now disappeared.